All I want is to see men cry God's cry in our days

I love coaching young people into reaching enviable heights through the instrumentation of their talents
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I am a creative writer, a song writer, a model, a movie actor and film maker, social media content creator, and public speaker on purpose, passion and power. I am also a…

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As a film maker and actor, I make movies that pass messages to the youth

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Why will parents suffer to train their children and still suffer to bury them? How can the young ones we are waiting to celebrate in CNN be destroying themselves over girlfriends and communal crises? 

 aWho will sign the autographs they were born to sign? Who will bring the names of their communities to the map of the world? Who will take care of their aged parents when they would have grown so weak and so sick?…

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I love it when I see young people rising from a place of obscurity and making their family backgrounds liars, by using their passion to register their relevance in their generation. That is why I love coaching young people into reaching enviable heights through the instrumentation of their talents.


 have the gift of identifying peoples purposes on earth and giving them directions which will eventually make them to stand out in the crowd. That is why it pains my heart when I see young people wasting their zeal and intelligence in wrong pursuits…

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For the 15years, I have written 9 revival books which I printed in their thousands and gave 98percent out free of charge according to God’s instruction.

We see how God is using them to cause massive conversions and incredible revivals in places where preachers cannot reach, to His glory alone.

We will appreciate if you partner with us financially to enable us keep reprinting these books and sending them to young converts and missionaries in nameless places.

None of us shall miss our rewards!

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Revival meetings are those moments where young lives are transformed and touched by God through my ministration.



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By the special grace of God, if you share your life challenges with me, I shall give the godly counsels inspired from the scriptures to turn things around.


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Prayer is my key, and should be your key also. You can book a prayer sessions with me and together we can shake the heavens