About Iyke Oriaku

I am a creative writer, a song writer, a model, a movie actor and film maker, social media content creator, and public speaker on purpose, passion and power. I am also a preacher of the gospel of Jesus with the desire of seeing God raising men and women that will spread the fire of revival on the face of the earth.

I love seeeing hearts being stirred back to the Maker and using every means possible to make Jesus popular in their days. I am a graduate of English and Literature from Abia State University, Uturu, from Umuahia, Abia State; Nigeria, but I live in Brussels, Belgium with my family.

My Passion

I love it when I see young people rising from a place of obscurity and making their family backgrounds liars, by using their passion to register their relevance in their generation. That is why I love coaching young people into reaching enviable heights through the instrumentation of their talents.

I have the gift of identifying peoples purposes on earth and giving them directions which will eventually make them to stand out in the crowd. That is why it pains my heart when I see young people wasting their zeal and intelligence in wrong pursuits.

Gone are the days when the only option out of an ordinary life is to do illegal things. Once a young person has identified his passion it becomes impossible for him to be found where ordinary people are found, therefore, crime, to him, becomes a route for laxy people.

I believe strongly that when a man has a genuine encounter with God, he regrets the days he lived pursuing things that has no eternal value. My passion is to see people having encounter with God so that He will re=introduce themselves to themselves.

The Lies They Told Me About God

They told me that wealth, fame, relevance, power etc. belongs to Satan. Because of that I hated there God. Yes! I vowed that the God that gives His enemies gold but watches His children beg for food will never be my God.  

In search of power and wealth, I ran to diabolic means, but as usual, it failed me. Until I was told that God is liberally looking for young men and women who will sacrifice their pride on the Cross so that He will arm them with values money cannot buy and fix them, wipe away their shame and use them in this end time revival and global harvest.

When I got close, He breath on me and my ambition died. From that day He became my God and I became His child. Today, the things I was chasing after when I was in the streets are the things chasing after me.

By the grace of God, for almost two decades, I have lived every day of my life reconciling my generation to this God that fixed me. And to the glory of God, testimonies abound as uncountable atheists, ritualists, prostitutes, cultists, suicidal and depressed people, kidnappers, assassins etc have heard me talk about God and they fell in love with Him and today, they too are setting hearts of many people on fire for God wherever they are now. 

It is my greatest desire to spend the remaining days of my life on earth to let my generation know about this God. Already, so far, I have lost everything. And in case there are more things to lose, I am also ready.

That is what happens when a young man encounters God. It is difficult for any generation to be too busy to ignore the voice of any man that has decided to listen to the voice of God. My life is a testimony to this reality.

My Vision

Why will parents suffer to train their children and still suffer to bury them? How can the young ones we are waiting to celebrate 

in CNN be destroying themselves over girlfriends and communal crises? 

Who will sign the autographs they were born to sign? 

Who will bring the names of their communities to the map of the world? Who will take care of their aged parents when they would have grown so weak and so sick?

It breaks my heart seeing talented young boys and girls getting enmeshed in several despicable rapports all because they want to meet ends. In a time when young people want to escape hunger at all cost and some wants to make it by all means, there is a reason to raise an alarm, because what is coming if not averted will be unprintable. Already the sinister possibilities are everywhere around us. We can only feign ignorance at our own peril.

Having worked with teenagers and youths for almost two decades and having seen the tremendeous testimonies, I know that God has endued me naturally with prowess that inspires the coming generation a path to follow that will eventually lead them to the place of prominence and relevance even in the face of despair. 

As a young man that grew up and suffered in the streets of Africa where everyone seems to be looking for survival at all cost, my experience of how I escaped obscurity teaches young people that the determination to become relevant is stronger than living for survival. 

I want to see a world where it will become difficult to see young people carrying weapons of war. I want to live in a world where there would be zero or no cases of suicide. 

I want to see a time when the police would have little or no jobs to do in our neighbourhoods because all the young people there have become so busy chasing their dreams that crime would have become obnoxious to their ears.

Why will a young man collect money from a corrupt politician to risk his life trying to kill people and to  disrupt election for him to win election? It is because that young man has been wrongly motivated that he needs money more than his life. I want to see a time when corrupt politicians would young people would refuse any dirty job offer that will make them fight for those who wants to pay them to be killed in their wars.

I want to see an Africa where every young man and woman would have become busy chasing their purposes on earth, with a determination to use their intelligence and influences tomorrow to make the world a better place.

When these days shall come, hardly will you hear that future doctors are killing future lawyers in cultism. You will no more hear that brothers are killing their brothers over communal boundaries. And never will you hear that men are killing themselves in religious and tribal rancours? With God I know that these days are possible.

My Fears

My fear is to live in a time when the church which is the hope for deliverance of systems and nations will only be parading men and women who would only be known for speaking in tongues, but cannot solve problems in the society. 

I fear for the days not to come when every young man and woman will want to become preachers abandoning their different areas of giftings, through which God wants to use them to bring deliverance to nations.

When the church is prayerful but not useful, there prayer starts looking like nuisance in the resources. It is my desire that God will raise men and women from Zion who will engineer some notable financial, political, scientific and intellectual revolutions, such that will bring nations to obey the God that made heaven and earth. And to the glory of God, I have written a book on this matter (IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT YOU)

It is my prayer to see young men and women loving God more than any generation has ever done. Men and women in Christ who will take God to all the sphere of influence and make Jesus popular in their days.

It is not in my days that it will only be inside church building that they will hear the voices of believers.

It is not in my time that genuine followers of Christ will be known only for how long they pray but not how relevant they are to their communities. Under my watch, princess will not walk on foot while servants will be riding on horses.

In politics, entertainment, business, science, technology, media and culture, young people would rise from Zion that will make God happy in these spheres. To the glory of God, I am one of those in my time with this burden to coach young men and women who will not fail God in Babylon. 

By the grace of God, for over two decades, many young men and women have gone through my mentorship and today they are making Jesus proud in their sphere of influences.  And I know that what is ahead is bigger than what we have ever seen.


I was born inside the church by clergy parents, grew up inside parsonage, daily seeing and listening to more than one thousand anointed pastors every day in the first twenty years of my life. Yet, the pressures of the streets hijacked me early and I became a sharp tool in Satan’s hand. And it became obvious that I was hurrying to inevitable premature destruction.

My parents tried. The church did what she thought was the best. School teachers did what they knew best, but Satan was busy using me to recruit more people for himself. Unfortunately, many of those I influenced to the streets could not survive it. Some were mobbed and burnt to ashes. Some were buried alive while many others died in the most heartbreaking ways. 

When everyone thought I was going to be the next to be destroyed, that was when mercy shouted and said NO. Today, God has delivered me from the prey of the mighty and daily He is using me to deliver those who are still where I was.

The transition from street life to Kingdom life was not easy. Both as a church member and as a pulpit preacher, I struggled with several addictions I inherited from the streets and shamefully, I failed God severally, to the extent that he started begging God to leave me and look for someone else to use because I have failed Him so much.

But God kept telling me that: “Through you, I will show your generation that I still show mercy on whom I would show mercy and compassion on whom I would show compassion on”.

Today, I have not yet arrived, I am still thanking God that I am better than I was yesterday, but to the glory of God, the darkness is past and behold the true light shineth. The kingdom of darkness is suffering by my hands as God is using his radio messages, articles, books, songs and short videos to do mighty things for Himself.

I am graduate of English and Literature from Abia State University, Uturu. The founder of ENDTIME REVIVAL ALTAR (E.R.A) an intercession and missionary organization where young men and women gathers every Sunday evening to intercede for believers, ministers of the gospel and the Body of Christ as a whole.

I am also the leader of The CHURCHLESS REVIVAL, a movement that takes the gospel of Jesus to unconventional places in unconventional ways and we are watching God doing unimaginable things. My greatest desire is to see this generation that love not their lives even unto death.

I want to see men and women who have nothing that will be too precious to lose for Christs sake and to the glory of God, through, my offline and online activities and through my books, God is stirring fresh hunger in the hearts of many.

Where I am needed

Any place where youths are fighting and killing themselves over little or nothing.

Any place where talented teenagers and youths are wasting their time in things that will not make them relevant in their generation.

Anywhere hardworking men and women are waking up daily without any sense of purpose and vision.

Any church or organization where people are struggling to get committed to the vision

Wherever people abandon God the Creator in search of the things He created.

Campuses and youth fellowships where people need to catch the fire and spread it in their hostels and neighbourhoods. Wherever the people of God are under the government of the spirit of religion and people’s spiritual talents are choked to extinction.

Wherever people are running away from God because of the shameful things they have done against God and man.

Wherever the spirit of depression and suicide is reigning supreme 

Wherever people are losing their love for Jesus and their fire going down because of the unpleasant circumstances of life.

For nearly two decades I have watched God using me to bring revival, direction, hope, purpose and energy to many and I am so sure that He will yet do more through me. (Proverbs 4vs18)